Current Members

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 John K Tsotsos

Frédéric Poirier
Research Scientist

 Eugene Simine
Research Associate

Xun Shi
Phd Candidate

Erich Leung
Phd Candidate

Calden Wloka
PhD. Student

Amir Rasouli
Masters Student

Yulia Kotseruba
Masters Student

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Stephen Voland
Masters Student co-supervised by J. Edmonds

Mahdi Biparva
Phd Student

Sang-Ah Yoo
Phd Student co-supervised by M. Fallah

Vassil Halatchev
Masters Student

Yulong Wu
Masters Student

Bruce Zhu
Visiting Student

Nick Frosst
Visiting Student




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Albert Rothenstien
IT Consultant

Ehsan Fazl-Ersi
Postdoc, University of Ottawa

Dr. Rachel Jiang
Assistant Professor, Sheridan College

Julio Martinez Trujillo​
Associate Professor, McGill University

Yueju Liu
Financial Services

Andrei Zaharescu
Research Scientist, Aimetis Inc.

Antonio Jose Rodriguez - Sanchez​Senior research fellow, Universität Innsbruck


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Yuliang Zhu
Now in industry in China

Christian Bauckhage
Professor, B-IT institute of the University of Bonn

Daniel Loach
Now in industry in UK

Javier Acosta
Now in industry in Canada

Michael Tombu
Defence Scientist, DRDC

Markus Latzel​
Now CEO Palomino System Inc.

Nathan Mekuz​
Co-Founder, CTO of Acuity


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Kosta Derpanis
Assistant Professor, Ryerson Univ.

Florin Cutzu
Now faculty, University of Indiana

Alexander Andreopoulos​
Research Scientist, IBM-Almaden, USA

Ksenia Shubina​​
Google Canada
Florentin Dorian Vintila
Univ. Tubingen

Kunhao Zhou
In industry in China

Jacob Gryn​


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Gregory Fine
In industry in Canada

Dirk Walther
Assistant Professor, Ohio State U

Andrei Rotenstein
Now at Epson, Canada

Marc Pomplun
Associate Professor, University of Massachusetts, Boston

Neil D. B. Bruce
Assistant Professor, University of Manitoba
 Tobias Fischer
PhD student, Imperial College London
 Enno Fassbender
Now at Hochschule Bonn Rhein Sieg University, Germany